Are Your Meds Taking Away Your Quality of Life?

Some people enjoy the aging process.  They’ve lived a rich life, full of wonderful memories; perfect health with little stresses or hurdles to overcome.   Then there is the other 99.99% of the population that has imperfect health and stresses every day.  As we age our health changes.  We just don’t bounce back like we did when we were kids.  We then try to be proactive to prevent things like heart attacks and strokes.  We want our golden years to be rich with health and happiness aging as gracefully as we can.

Heart attacks and strokes can be debilitating and even worse, deadly.  It is a major concern for most of my patients as they get older.  The concern usually occurs after their doctor runs some blood work and they are told they have high cholesterol.

Studies have shown that having high cholesterol can cause plaque build-up in the arteries. This plaque build-up increases your chances of heart disease, heart attacks and even strokes.  Not all patients can achieve optimum cholesterol levels through diet, exercise, weight loss and nutritional supplementation.

To lower a patient’s risk factor for these conditions their doctor may prescribe a statin drug to lower their cholesterol.  Some studies show statins can reduce risks by 25%-35%.

In my practice, there has been a rise in fatigue and muscle pain.  Patients complain of shoulder aches and leg soreness.  Ordinary activities become tiring. What people don’t know is that these are side effects of taking cholesterol lowering statins.  They can be mild to severe in nature.   If you are taking statin drugs you need to be aware of these side effects.  The next time you watch a commercial for one of these medications listen at the end when they explain some of the warning signs and symptoms.

Statin drugs deplete your body of CoQ10.  Your cells use CoQ10 to help produce energy in the form of ATP.  ATP is used by the cell for energy so it can function properly.  When your cells are lacking CoQ10 it impairs the function which puts your health at risk.  CoQ10 needs to be supplemented in your diet if you’re taking statin drugs

You can take 200-400 mg of CoQ10 to improve your symptoms and restore proper function to your cells.

Doctors nowadays don’t always inform patients of risk factors or depletions due to medications.  At Total Health Chiropractic we got your back!!!