Vitamin D Part II


The heat index in Chattanooga, TN has been unrelenting this summer.  While walking on my grass I noticed the grass was crunchy from all the heat and no rain.  The hot temperatures have definitely made me stay indoors much more than I would like.  The less my skin gets blessed with sun light, the less vitamin D for my body.  Diet is not the only source.

Vitamin D is not just for bones.  Almost every tissue in the body has receptors for vitamin D.  Vitamin D is responsible for many functions in the body for you to remain healthy.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than people think.  My blood levels of Vitamin D when first taken were a shocking 11 out of 100.  I was very deficient.  My diet was great and I have adequate amounts of sun but that wasn’t enough.  I then started to supplement Vitamin D to make up for the deficiency.

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

◘ Weak or soft bones and possibly fractures

◘ Body pains and sore muscles

◘ Depression or moodiness

◘ Being tired and not feeling great

I had symptoms 2, 3 and 4 when I went to get tested.  You really don’t know until your Vitamin D starts to get back to normal and you remember how you felt before.  You kind of get use to the way you feel.

Factors Affecting Your Vitamin D

◘ The more north you live the less sunlight you get

◘ The darker your skin

◘ The more you weigh

◘ Your diet

◘ Sunscreen

◘ How much time you spend outside

“The problem is that most of us are simply not getting enough vitamin D to allow our bodies to work optimally at all of the functions that vitamin D supports.” (LifeExtensions)

Vitamin D’s role in the body is not just about bones.  Studies have shown Vitamin D plays a role in regulating many functions in the body.  These functions include: immune system, metabolic system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, mood and autoimmune system.

Vitamin D Part II was written to hopefully spark an interest in the reader to get their vitamin D check by their doctor.  Its role in keeping you healthy is vital.

Written by,

Christopher M. Lewis, D.C.